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  Pre-Operative Instructions (English/Español)  

       •  Do not eat or drink at least 8 hours prior to the procedure. This means nothing not even water.

  • If there is a change in your general health before the date of the surgery, the patient must notify the office before the procedure is performed.
  • No Smoking (before or after) the surgery.
  • Wear warm, comfortable, loose-fitting clothing the day of the surgery.
  • A responsible adult must accompany the patient to the office the day of the procedure and be able to drive the patient home. You will not be able to drive yourself home after the procedure and for at least 24 hours after the procedure. That person must wait in the lobby until the surgery is completed. The surgical procedure will cause temporary dizziness so it is strictly prohibited to operate any type of machinery (including a motor vehicle).

    (If the patient is a minor a parent or guardian must be present)

Instrucciones para Antes de su Cirugía

  • No coma o beba líquidos 8 horas antes de su cita para la cirugía.

  • Si hay algún cambio en su estado de salud antes de la cirugía, por favor notifique al Doctor.

  • Favor de No Fumar (antes o después) de la cirugía.

  • Vista con ropa confortable y cómoda  el día de la cirugía.

  • Venga acompañado por un chofer el día de la cirugía. Esa persona debe de permanecer en la sala de espera hasta que termine la cirugía.
  • Si el paciente es menor de edad tiene que estar presente uno de los padres o un guardián legal.


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